Beautiful Hadees-e-Nabvi (SAWW) in Urdu

HADIS E NABVI Latest sms messages, greetings ,wishes, quotes 2014

Each Muslim know the importance of Hadees. Hadees gives a unique idea to spend our life with nature rules and the worship of Allah in real regard. Hadees e nabvi in urdu is easy to understand and we shoud also spread our Prophet’s

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Beautiful Urdu Quotes by Sikandar-e-Aazam

Urdu sikandar-e-azam sms

Sikandar-e-Aazam ki Mulaqaat ek Jang K Doran ek Faqeer Se Huwi. Faqeer: Ye Jang Jeetne k Baad Aap keya karo gay ? Sikndar: Aik AUR Jang laroon ga. Faqeer: Us k Baad ? Sikndar. Phir aik Jang Aur laroon ga. Faqeer: Aap poori dunya fatah kar lo us k baad …

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Latest Good Morning SMS Free Collection

Romantic Good Morning SMS For Free

No doubt we when we start our day. We are wishing some think new for our whole day. And if someone says good morning “Subha Bhakhair” we feel that someone has wished the best of luck for whole day. Good Morning SMS , Beautiful Good Morning text SMS, Good Morning …

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Latest Good Night Love SMS Messages

good night love, quotes good night

Sweet Good Night SMS Messages in Urdu, English, Hindi, Marathi When we alone and going to best, we surely remember our loved one that is in our dreams in the whole day. And they will also be a part of your dreams. Latest the SMS Messages good night, New good …

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Beautiful Hadees Mubarak For Jumma in Urdu

Jumma Mubarak Hadees & Hindi Urdu Message

Beautiful Islamic Hadees Mubarak For Jumma in Urdu شفاعت کرنا اورگواہ بننا رسولِ کریم صل اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے فرمایا: جمعہ کے دن اورشبِ جمعہ میں مجھ میں مجھ پردرود کثرت سے بھیجا کرو۔ کیونکہ جو شخص ایسا کرے گا میں قیامت کے دن اس کے لیے گواہ ا …

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Belly Laugh Day | Laughter Day SMS Collection

Belly Laugh Day - 24th Jan,

Belly Laugh Day is a day to celebrate the great gift of laughter with the various sounds of laughing; Smiling and expressing joy are allowed, encouraged and observed. How to Smile, put your arms in the air and laugh out loud to show far from you so each one can …

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Most Funniest Puzzle SMS

New Funny Sms Messages & Quotes

Here is the beautiful collection of Funny Sms , Latest – New Funny Sms, Funny Messages , Funny Quotes. Send free new Puzzle Sms ,riddle Sms, Miss SMS, Student SMS, Girl Boyfriend SMS and POGO tv SMS. Riddle & Puzzle SMS and Student Teacher Funny Joke send free Urdu Hindi …

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Latest Sardi SMS Funny Message | winter SMS Poetry

Funny Hindi Winter Season SMS Sardi

Winter season is full to its peak and each one is enjoying the full Sardi season with hot tea, coffee and dry fruits. Some people like summer season and some winter season. But my own choice is Winter Sardi season sms. The latest sms collection of Sardi sms, sardi sms …

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Latest Funny SMS Jokes Urdu Collection

New Funny Sms Messages & Quotes

Here is beautiful and latest urdu joke sms for you. The new collection of Urud Jokes are here with correct meaning of fun an entertainments. Free Latest Funny SMS Jokes 2017 Collection. SMS hindi ,Funny SMS, SMS 2017, Urdu Funny SMS, English funny SMS 2017, SMS funny Hindi, funny jokes SMS, …

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Latest Urdu Sad Poetry SMS

sad poetry 2014 |sad urdu poetry

Send Free Latest Urdu poetry, sad poetry new collection sad Urdu poetry, Beautiful romantic poetry SMS, poetry in Urdu, sad SMS, poetry SMS, love poetry and sad poetry love. Urdu Sad Poetry SMS – Sadness you may know? is surely the most typical and highly felt emotion. Every human, come across …

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New 12 Rabi ul Awwal Latest SMS Messages Collection

Beautiful Collection of Rabi ul Awwal SMS Messages 2014

12 Rabi ul Awwal Latest Islamic SMS Messages in Urdu Eid e milad is coming on this month. We wish you happy Eid milad ul nabi. Send free sms to your love one Islamic Bhai’s for the great Islamic event. 12 rabi ul awal sms 12 Rabee-Ul-Awwal Ka Din Nabi …

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