Check CNIC Number Bio data details with Steps

CNIC biodata is available online or via mobile phone If you visit the right location. CNIC number bio-data is verified by calling through NADRA. Biodata, as well as other details of the CNIC, are usually needed to confirm a person’s credentials. The information can also be found on the ID card number. NADRA developed this method for fast verification.

The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) introduced the mobile SMS service in conjunction with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) as well as all telecom companies operating in Pakistan to determine whether a person is listed as a beneficiary on the list of Pakistan cards.

This project allows people affected by rain to verify what is happening with their applications. NADRA is, in addition to creating centers and establishing centers, has also mobilized its mobile resources, MRVs (Mobile Registration vans) to take care of CNIC at no cost throughout the affected areas in conjunction with the district and public representatives.

CNIC ID Card verification and detail Bio Data

The convenience of accessing personal information online has become gradually important. The concept of checking one’s CNIC number biodata online is a prime example of this technological advancement. This service allows Pakistani citizens to effortlessly obtain their ID card number information online, reshuffling the process of personal data verification.

The availability of CNIC number biodata online for free further improves convenience, making it a cost-effective solution. Moreover, the ability to perform an ID card number check online in Pakistan has developed how individuals interrelate with government databases, ensuring they can manage their personal information easily.

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What should I do to verify my biodata?

At times, SIM cards are lost or stolen. Criminals profit from this and make use of SIM cards that are registered under others’ names for accessing websites and services. This permits criminals to commit crimes while remaining completely anonymous to the police. But the person who is at risk is the one whose SIM card was destroyed in the process of recovering it.

You may be the person. Your biodata and other information including the SIM cards on your body must be scrutinized in the event of a finding. You may also look up your address on NADRA’s database. According to NADRA If you are constantly shifting from one place to the same area, NADRA can quickly determine your address. Free NADRA SMS Service For ID Card Biodata Verification online.

How do you verify CNIC number Bio data and information on the internet

On the Internet, There are three ways to look up the information on the ID card. The method you choose to use depends on your needs.

Verify ID card information by NADRA’s website

  • Open your computer or mobile and then go to the internet browser
  • Now search for or click here.
  • You will be directed to NADRA’s website. NADRA website.
  • Enter your 13-digit CNIC number into the box.
  • Once you enter the CNIC number, you will receive the biodata as well as details.
  • Make sure you have the correct biodata by texting 7000 to
  • Open your phone’s mobile and then go to the Messaging app.
  • Please send the CNIC number to 7000.
  • You will receive an email via NADRA with your personal information.
  • The NADRA will be charged Rs 10 for this service.
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Verify CNIC biodata via SMS to 8300.

  • Open your phone’s mobile and then go to the Messaging app.
  • Please send your CNIC number to 8300.
  • You will receive a message from NADRA with your address and location. address.
  • The NADRA will be charged 10 rupees for this service.

7000 ID card number Method


Notification: This SMS service by NADRA does not reveal your or your father’s name.

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