How to Remove Facebook Ads on Videos? A Guide for Seamless Viewing

how to turn off facebook video ads on iphoneAre you tired of pesky ads interrupting your Facebook video experience? You’re not alone. Many users are seeking ways to enhance their viewing by removing or reducing the number of ads they encounter. In this article, we’ll explore various methods to achieve a more seamless video-watching experience on Facebook.

Why Am I Getting Ads on Facebook Videos?

Firstly, it’s important to understand why these ads appear. Facebook, like many other social media platforms, relies on advertising revenue. Ads are strategically placed within videos to capture viewers’ attention. However, if you find these ads intrusive, there are several ways to mitigate them.

How Do I Permanently Remove Ads from Facebook?

While there’s no guaranteed method to permanently eliminate all ads, you can significantly reduce their frequency by adjusting your Facebook settings and using ad-blocking tools.

  1. Adjust Facebook Ad Preferences: Go to your Facebook settings, navigate to ‘Ad Preferences,’ and tweak your interests and ad settings to limit the types of ads you see.
  2. Use Ad Blockers: Extensions like AdBlock or uBlock Origin can be added to your web browser to block ads on Facebook videos. However, keep in mind that some ad blockers might not catch every ad, and Facebook continually updates its ad delivery methods to circumvent these tools.

How Do I Block All Videos on Facebook?

If you prefer a more drastic approach, you can opt to block all video content on Facebook. This can be done by using browser extensions or plugins that block video content specifically on social media sites.

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How Do I Disconnect Facebook Ads?

Disconnecting Facebook ads from your account involves limiting the platform’s ability to track your online activity for ad targeting. You can do this by:

  1. Clearing Browsing Data: Regularly clear your cookies and browsing history to reduce ad targeting based on your online activity.
  2. Using Privacy-Focused Browsers: Consider using browsers like Brave or Firefox with enhanced privacy settings to limit tracking.

How to Stop Ads on Facebook Videos on iPhone and Android

Mobile users can also reduce the number of ads they see in Facebook videos. For iPhone users, adjusting your device’s advertising settings and using content blockers can help. Android users can make use of ad-blocking browsers or apps specifically designed to block ads in apps and browsers.

How to Remove Facebook Ads on Videos on Phone

To enhance your mobile viewing experience, consider the following:

  1. Use Facebook Lite: This lighter version of the Facebook app is designed to use less data and may show fewer ads.
  2. Adjust Data Usage Settings: Limiting your data usage in the Facebook app can also reduce the frequency of ads, as higher-quality videos with more ads are often shown when there’s more data available.


While completely removing ads from Facebook videos might not be entirely feasible, following the tips outlined above can significantly improve your viewing experience. By adjusting your settings, using ad-blocking tools, and being mindful of your online activity, you can reduce the number of ads you encounter and enjoy a more uninterrupted experience on Facebook. For more technology updates and tips, visit Mobiledady.

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