Today steel rate in pakistan and steel rate in pakistan online 40 & 60 Grade Prices.

Steel is a vital building element that is critical to the growth of any economy. It is often utilized in the construction of the building, infrastructure, and industrial industries.  Pakistan’s steel sector has grown to be a significant contributor to the country’s economy. In this post, we will look at the variables influencing the current steel rate in Pakistan. The latest Steel Rate in Pakistan 2023 today is updated daily by mobile for our visitors.

Overview of the Steel Industry in Pakistan

Steel Mills in Pakistan, the country’s first state-owned steel mill, established the country’s steel sector in the 1970s. Unfortunately, owing to mismanagement and corruption, Pakistan Steel Mills incurred significant losses and was finally closed down in 2015.

Despite the closure of Pakistan Steel Mills, the steel industry in Pakistan continues to grow, with several private companies and industrialists filling the gap. The country’s largest steel manufacturers include Amreli Steels, Agha Steel Industries, and Etihad Steel Rerolling Mills.

Pakistan’s steel sector confronts a number of obstacles, including a lack of investment in current technology and equipment, restricted access to raw materials, and high manufacturing prices. Nonetheless, with government assistance and private-sector initiatives, the industry is projected to flourish and contribute to the country’s economy.

Saria Rate in Pakistan 2023 Live Price Updates

Saria Rate in Pakistan 2023 Live Price Updates In Pakistan 3 to 4 sooter / Milli meter (10-12 mm) sari iron bar is an essential component for building construction. Sarya rate per kg 2023 keeps changing daily. It is generally sold by kg or rate per ton and rate as of 1 steel iron bar. The Saria Rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day in Pakistan due to the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar and international oil prices.

Due to the sudden increase of USD in 2023 all construction materials including steel, Saria prices increased. After an increase in general sales tax from 17% to 18% in the Finance Bill 2023, material prices have also increased.

Steel rate in Pakistan today

The price of steel in Pakistan today depends on many local and international factors, including steel grade, quality, supply and demand, and global market trends. The steel rate per kg grade 60 in Pakistan today is in the table below, while the Amreli steel rate in Pakistan today is also updated here. Get the latest Steel Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 and today amreli steel rate in Pakistan below.

Steel Rod
in Sutar/mm
40 Grade Price / KG60 Grade Price / KG
3 Sutar / 10mmRs. 272 Per KGRs. 2746 Per KG
4 Sutar / 12mmRs. 275 Per KGRs. 276 Per KG
5 Sutar / 16mmRs. 272 Per KGRs. 278 Per KG
6 Sutar / 20mmRs. 275 Per KGRs. 278 Per KG
7 Sutar / 22mmRs. 2780 Per KGRs. 282 Per KG
3 Sutar / 25mmRs. 270 Per KGRs. 275 Per KG

Factors Affecting Steel Prices in Pakistan

  1. Demand and Supply

The demand and supply of steel is the most significant factor affecting steel prices in Pakistan. When the demand for steel or saria is high, the price of steel rods increases, and vice versa. In recent years, the demand for steel and Saria rods in Pakistan has been developing due to the country’s speedy development, leading to an increase in current steel prices 2023.

  1. Global Market Trends

Global market trends also have a significant impact on steel prices in Pakistan. Steel prices in Pakistan can be affected by fluctuations in global steel prices. For example, if global steel rod prices rise, the price of steel in Pakistan in recent times may rise as well.

  1. Production Costs

The cost of production is another crucial factor affecting steel prices in Pakistan. The steel / saria production cost includes the cost of raw materials, labor, energy, and transportation. Any increase in the production of steel or sarya costs can lead to an increase in steel prices.

  1. Currency Exchange Rates

Steel prices in Pakistan 2023 are also affected by the exchange rate of the Pakistani rupee versus other international currencies, such as the US dollar, British pound. If the rupee falls in value against the dollar, the cost of importing raw materials rises, raising manufacturing costs and, eventually, impacting steel pricing.

Which 60 Grade steel is best in Pakistan?

Several factors must be considered while selecting the best 60 grade steel in Pakistan, including quality, durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Amreli Steels Ltd, one of Pakistan’s most prominent 60 grade steel producers, has a reputation for creating high-quality steel products that are widely utilized in the construction sector.

Amreli Steels Ltd produces 60 grade steel, which is noted for its strength and durability, using cutting-edge technology and equipment. Steel produced by the firm is checked at each stage of manufacturing to guarantee that it meets the highest quality requirements. Agha Steel Industries is another firm noted for producing high-quality 60 grade steel.  The above steel rate in Pakistan per kg and today’s steel rate in Pakistan grade 60 is updated daily by

The firm manufactures steel items using modern technologies.

Which 40 Grade Steel is best in Pakistan?

Etihad Steel Rerolling Mills, one of Pakistan’s leading 40 grade steel producers, is renowned for manufacturing high-quality steel products that are widely used in the construction sector.

Etihad Steel Rerolling Mills manufactures 40-grade steel, known for its strength and durability, using advanced technology and equipment. The steel produced by the firm is checked at every stage of manufacturing to guarantee that it meets the highest quality requirements.

Ayesha Steel Mills Limited is another firm known for producing high-quality 40-grade steel. The firm manufactures steel products that are widely used in the construction of commercial and residential structures using advanced technologies.

Steel Saria iron rod Manufacturing Brands in Pakistan

Here’s a table of Steel iron rod manufacturing companies in Pakistan along with their addresses:

Company NameAddressWebsite
Agha Steel IndustriesPlot No. NWIZ/1/P-133, Port Qasim Authority, Karachi,
Amreli Steels LimitedA/18, S.I.T.E., Karachi,
Aisha Steel Mills LimitedD-89, S.I.T.E., Karachi,
Ittehad Steel Re-rolling MillsPlot No. 417, Sector I-9 Industrial Area, Islamabad,
Abbas Steel IndustriesNear Ali Akbar Mosque, Main G.T. Road, Islamabad,
Kamran Steel Re-rolling MillsH-15/1, Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi,
Pak Steel Re-rolling MillsPlot No. 58/59, Phase III, Hattar Industrial Estate, Haripur,
Shalimar Steel Mills99-E, Shalimar Link Road, Lahore, Pakistanwww.


The steel rate in Pakistan nowadays changes according to numerous factors, including steel grade, quality, demand and supply, and worldwide market trends. Steel price fluctuations affect not only the steel sector but also other industries that utilize steel. As a result, it is critical to keep a careful watch on the variables influencing steel pricing in order to make educated judgments.