How to Remove a Partner With Access from Your Facebook Page

how to remove access from facebook

Managing your Facebook business page efficiently involves ensuring only the right individuals have access to your administrative features. Whether it’s revoking a former employee’s rights or adjusting permissions during a reorganization, understanding how to remove someone from your Facebook page is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your online presence.

By using this method you will walk you through the process step-by-step, ensuring you have full control over who can access and manage your business page.

Understanding Facebook’s Access Structure

Before diving into the removal process, it’s essential to understand how Facebook structures page roles and permissions. The Facebook Business Manager centralizes control over your assets, including pages, ad accounts, and more. Each role—from admin to editor—carries different permissions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Shared Access

  1. Log into Facebook Business Manager: Start by accessing your Business Manager where your page is housed. This is the hub for all administrative operations.
  2. Navigate to ‘Page Roles’: Within the Business Manager, find the section for ‘Page Roles.’ This area displays everyone who has any level of access to your page.
  3. Identify the Partner: Locate the individual or partner you wish to remove. They might be listed under ‘Existing Roles’ if they have direct access or under ‘Partners’ if they manage your page through another business entity.
  4. Remove Access: Click on the person’s name or the partner entity, and select ‘Remove.’ Confirm your choice if prompted. This action will revoke their access to your page immediately.
  5. Review and Confirm Changes: Always double-check to ensure that access has been correctly removed. This verification step prevents any unintended loss of access to other team members.
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How to Handle Collaboration and Business Partners on Facebook

Removing a business partner or stopping a collaboration involves a careful approach:

  • Review Existing Agreements: Before removing access, ensure you are not violating any contractual agreements. This check is vital for maintaining professional relationships and legal compliance.
  • Communicate: Notify the partner of the changes in access as a courtesy and to maintain transparency. This communication helps avoid misunderstandings and preserves professional relationships.
  • Audit Regularly: Regular audits of access rights and roles are recommended. This proactive measure ensures that only current and relevant individuals have access to your business assets.


How do I remove someone from having access to my Facebook page?

  • Follow the steps outlined above to navigate to your Facebook Business Manager and adjust roles accordingly.

How do I remove shared access on Facebook?

  • Access can be removed via the ‘Page Roles’ section in your Business Manager, where you can directly manage user roles and permissions.

How do I remove collaboration from Facebook?

  • Collaborations are managed through the Business Manager. You can end a collaboration by removing the partner from the ‘Partners’ section.

How do I remove a business partner?

  • Business partners are managed by revoking their partner access through your Business Settings in the Business Manager.


Maintaining control over who has access to your Facebook page is essential for the security and effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. By following the correct procedures for removing individuals or partners, you ensure that your page remains in the right hands.

The above method and patterns serve as a comprehensive resource for any business owner looking to understand and manage Facebook page access effectively.

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