Pakistan Defence Day (6th September) HD wallpapers

Pakistan Defence Day Youm-e-Difa 6 September 1965

 Youm-e-Difa 6 September 1965 Pakistan Defence Day: :

Pakistan Defence Day also known as Yaum-i Difā Pakistan is observed in Pakistan as a national day dated 6 September each year in remembrance of how Pakistan safeguarded itself in opposition to the dominant Indian army in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965 with the unique and devotion to help of Pakistani peoples, especially Lahore.

What is Pakistan’s defense day? It is a day of utmost heroic pride for Pakistan and all Pakistani out there.”6th September” what happens to our slightly numb minds in a flash of an eye, whenever we hear this big date; it kinda reminds all the people of Pakistan of the massive sacrifice are given to protect our precious country Pakistan. This one date usually takes us back on a long experience of thoughts full of the sacrifices made by our honorable heroes of the Pakistan army. It marks the day of the surrender of our troopers.

After the 1947 Indo-Pakistan separation issues were normalizing… Even though there had been some unsolved issues like the water dispute and the Kashmir matter paving the way factors were somehow rationalizing to a few extents.

Then in the year 1956 out of the blue, the Indian military attacked Pakistan without any announcement, any signal, or notification, this was done to startle the army and catch them off guard. The Indian Army forces did what they could do. daydreaming of capturing Pakistan. however, only ALLAH is aware best for Muslims. The Pakistani troops did not much for a second shake with fear but with the greatest hopes in ALLAH and love for their state they fought against those savage monsters.

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The Pakistan army fought with great valor..they are tools were the most powerful of all bravery, courageousness, consideration, and the love of their nation and the un countless praying they acquired from all over the state. Their particular souls were ready for the honor of being martyrized.

Here we are sharing the latest Pakistan Defence Day (6th September) HD wallpapers for free download. Pakistan Defence Day’s latest background images in Urdu. latest Pictures of Defence Day 6th September HD wallpapers and images online. Everyone is allowed to observe such functions live by progressing to particular places. These shows are displayed on national channels additionally.

Pakistan Defense Day 6th September HD Wallpapers

National songs and special documents about half dozen Sept 1965 and martyred individuals of half dozen Sept ar displayed on TV. it’s told to individuals however individuals gave sacrifices for the defense of the country and what’s the responsibility of young generation currently particularly the youngsters who are the longer term of Pakistan.

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Pakistan Army put on show their top using missiles, tanks, Air guns, army, and Air force aviation helicopters and protection being used by Engineers, Electrical and perfunctory Corps, Army Air Defence, Signals, Army Service Corps, and Army Medical Corps live on various places. Find out latest Pakistan Defence Day (6th September) HD wallpapers here below..

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Pakistan Defence Day Youm e Difa Pakistan HD wallpapers

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